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  • Computer and Video Games Survey - Annual quantitative survey to describe gamers hardware, software and connectivity set-ups.
  • Genre and the Video Game - An analysis of genre categorization as applied to video games in contrast with books and film, with definitions and examples.
  • Gigex Games - Contains collections of demo and movie downloads sorted by popularity.
  • Lord of the Rings Champion Guide - Killer Guides offers an unofficial Lord of the Rings Champion Guide at their online shop. The Lord of the Rings Champion Guide covers many Champion related information like specific PVP tips only for Champions, traits, skills, equipment and effective gold making for the class. They offer their Lord of the Rings Champion Guide individually as well as with their LotRO Guide bundle.
  • Open Site - A volunteer-run encyclopedia categorized by genre. Includes information, review overviews, hints, release dates, and artwork.
  • Play Free Games Online - Comprehensive online game collection with no signup process or complicated steps to get started...just a simple way to play games online for free ! Action, adventure, arcade.
  • Warhammer Online Cheats - At the Strategy Freaks exploit community, MMORPG gamers can find cheats for many online games including Warhammer Online cheats. Discussed in the forums are Warhammer Online cheats, exploits, guides, macros and other useful information for advancing in Warhammer. Warhammer Online cheats and other game cheats are kept up-to-date by the site's full-time staff, site moderators and the community members.



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